Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a year... it's february already and where has the time gone!

Dared to take some time off to get the kids all organised for school,  that's all 3 of my babies at school now, and for the first 3 days it was great , a taste of real freedom! hahaha,  so started back to work this week, and the first day no 1 son is off sick!  couldnt beleive it... anyway he has been very sick and is currently being tested for Glandular Fever so I guess my freedom is over temporarily! of course I really feel for the little guy, he also has ulcers in his mouth and cold sores round his face, he has just sat for 6 days solid and slept / watched tv, he is drinking ok, but does not want to eat anything.    When your kids are sick, don't you just wish you could take it all away for them.  Here's hoping you get better soon little guy! and here's a few first day of school piccies for no 2 and 3  and back to school for # 1 . !

I am working on some stuff now, so I will get round to adding some more shares!  until the next time .... Happy New Year !  (if you celebrate Chines New Year that is!)