Monday, July 13, 2009

There are no Words...... when the journalling needs to say it all.

An interesting weekend I have had, what with the finalising of BAS returns, writing the new Aug Newsletter etc, preparing for classes, and being inspired by the new Kaisercraft storage options to finally sort out my scrap space/ stash. Ultimatly finding stuff that I had forgotten I had! :)

I came across a picture of when my eldest son was born, and fondly remembered how precious that moment was and I have not quite been able to scrap that picture for some time, a miriad of reasons, but in a nutshell just too many emotions..... I am sure that there are many of you out there who have had a sick child at birth who required intensive care...and well if you are one of them you will totally understand where I am coming from.

Well I took a step forward in my healing .... I found the picture, followed by the perfect piece of paper, frame, flowers swirls.... they all just fell into place.... it was time, I sat down to write a few feelings to include in the journalling and as I was writing I felt a calm peace....that I have finally come to terms with the grief, and pain of it all, and just look back with absolute blessings that my precious little man is still with us.
When I got up to print the journalling on the computer, there was a feather on the floor behind me, in my eyes just another confirmation that no matter what happens we always have an angel on our shoulder.

So this brings me back to the post title, when the journalling needs to say it all. As the type is a little small in the picture, here is how I captured the way I felt on the day this picture was taken.
There are no words.....
to describe how I felt on this day, you were finally out of the Neonatal unit & exclusively with me, I found the separation unbearable, it was hard to see you connected with tubes and wires, when all I craved was to hold you, hold you close & feel your warmth, your scent, your heart beat, your innocence, & remember how very special it was to carry you inside my body & have you with me all day for 36 cherished weeks.

Our prayers were answered when the angel was gifted from heaven. Our precious baby boy, we will love, adore & cherish you always xx

You may notice from the picture a ribbon pull, in here I have journalled a tag explaining to Ain what I want him to know.... & detailed how it took me 5 1/2 yrs to scrap the photo.
Time really does heal :)
Simone XX

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Caught out for all of eternity

Well its been a while sorry about my slackness, we have been really busy at the shop this week which is what it is all about, but as you know end of financial year, and 24 hrs seem to have to become 36! hahaha

Anyhoo, there has been lots and lots of planning for some great upcoming classes and of course there is the new newletter in progress and that takes time. But inbetween all of that I had a play with the new release Home accents Cricut cartridge, and borrowed an idea from one of Kerry's page's, great work chick! and this is the result.

On another note
Isan't it funny the things that kids take pics off when they are let loose with the camera? well i have finally finished my affair with Edward and the twilight saga, and that 'stupid book' as my kids have called it, and I downloaded the camers pics today and look what my little darlings framed for all of eternity !

I guess I gotta go scrap that now! .............. until the next time S XXXX