Monday, November 16, 2009

Where the heack have I been ? Busy Busy Busy

Sorry it;s been so long since I posted on the blog, I have just been so busy busy busy, arent we all though, amongst other things, I have been preoccupied planning and creating for all the upcoming classes before christmas. 
We had a fab melbourne Cup day of craft food and fun, and as such have been asked for a christmas party so, never one to say no to a challenge, the planning is underway.

In addition as a response to my Twilight pages, I have been begged by all yuo addicts to do a class, knowing that the pages were quite expensive in the materials department.....not that I have access to lots of spoils! there was no cost spared there, it would prove to expensive to hold a class on the pages, as they were really only for showcasing products and of course Edward Cullen! ...............  so I have come up with a
 'My book of Twilight' instead.... I really enjoyed doing it as it is not something I do on an everyday basis, and I am sure that all of you booked in will be suitably impressed with the result.    This has all been made from scratch cover and all....I had to scratch up on my book binding skills that was for sure! he he
So without further adieu fellow Bloggers ! I present the ..........
'My book of Twilight'

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