Friday, May 27, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Sorry its been nearly a week since I posted, but I seem to just be getting busier! how the hell I ever managed to run a shop before I will never know, anyway I have been working on a few different things, you know what  its like when you have your fingers in a few different pies! ;-)   but nothing to share that has been completely finished or should I say nothing that  I can share with you without getting my hands slapped :)
So I though you might like a quick squidge at something that's coming up ! :)   I am in the process of writing a full tutorial of this so you can do your own step by step. :)  So here is a sneak peak .......

 Anyway this brings me back to the post title Christmas is Coming!  WHAT??  I hear you all scream!
Well it is every day is getting one step closer to Chrissy and every year I rush and struggle to get through all the stuff I need to do, having 2 birthday's at end of Nov (hubby and no1 son)  and then 2 in Dec right on xmas how selfish of them to want to be born 2 days before chrissy! tsk tsk!  (no2 son & only daughter)  I always find come xmas I am ripping my hair out !   
Anyway I digress! so this year  I am getting organised before hand, so Christmas in June / July hear I come! and because I am so nice I will also add a full tutorial, and if you would like the papers I have used they will be available for purchase thru Abundantias Gold, but not yet so don't get too excited ! :)
I think I have waffled enough now,  time to rotate the  laundry decore in the house, I am getting fed up with looking at the pink skivvy it doesn't match the decor, time to swap it with a navy blue one. 
Ahhh I love winter !!!!!! not

Simone XXXX

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  1. Ohhh love Christmas !! That sneak looks like it might involve me using my gorgeous TH flowers and leaves dies !! Bring it on !!