Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some things look best in Black & White

Somehow, I managed to create an ATC trilogy yesterday whilst the kids were 'creating' supposedly with me.... we crafted together for 4 hours, and I really love that special time we have together, but despite all the punches and shapes I let them play with, they still want me to draw them things for them to cut out... yesterday was a horse! and a snake tongue to go into there cardboard tubes that they had used to make a snake with..... its amazing..... they even built a house .. forest... car park, bed you name it all for there cardboard snake, that doesnt bite.. apparently...hes a nice snake... (are any of them nice....yeeuugghhh, I try not to show my fear in front of the kids!).
In addition this lucky snake's penthouse mansion has been spread all over the lounge room floor, he even has a hopscotch playground! wow what a lucky snake... they have been so creative.... but to the untrained looks like the recycle bin has been emptied all over the place! Clever babies... love emX


  1. Aren't kids so gorgeous with their imagination and creativity. My scraproom is always a bomb after they have been in there with me.


  2. I just love hot they get so much out it though dont you? just wish I had a mary poppins to 'tidy up' when they finish! hahahaha :)