Saturday, March 5, 2011


 SCRAP ROOM as i often hear it called !
Well as most of you will know I have been shuffling, sorting, moving door's redecorating ! and goodness everything else that goes with it! but finally finished and moved in, is my new 'Creation Station'! hehehe   The worst thing is I am quite embarrassed about how much stuff I actually have ! But I know hand on heart that I actually have used it all at one time or another, and I dont just scrapbook, there are a lot of other crafts thrown in there as well ! Even though ATC's are only small they certainly take up a lot of space ! hehehe,  anyway here are some piccies, to get you mojo going, and who know's perhaps you might find yourself 'creating a new space' as well!
So here is the main crux of my area, to the left of me is a space just for my upcoming creation queen aka mini me ! ( and she takes up more room than me with all her stuff! uhumm cough cough )

As you can see the purple section on the left is mini me's and boy doesnt she have a lot of kit! ;0)

The important stuff behind me ! I can just spin around and it's all to hand, I promise you that most of those drawer's are empty !
 All nicely and neatly labelled

Beautiful love hearts from my baby, saying ' I love mummy so much'  awww I love u 2 baby XX

Boy those shelves are fantastic, they hold so much.
Don't worry be Happy, that;s what this little dudette plays when u press her hand, it was given to Mini me and me as a gift from my sister her auntie, and my niece her cousin, whom is featured regularly in my pages :) .
We love it , we go take ourselves into our happy space, and press the hand, the world seems a better place for it.
 Oh & I may have forgotten to mention, the pups love it as well, they have moved in under the table, so much so Woof here pinched my cushion from my chair and puffed it up ready for a long snooze! ahh well in winter he makes a good foot warmer :)

Hope it has given you a few idea's.
Thanks for dropping by, dont forget to leave me a comment I just love to read them all.
Simone XXX


  1. LOVE IT SIMONE !! Is there a little space for me ?? Can't wait to see it in the flesh !

  2. thank you so much for sharing your creative space
    May your feet be kept warm by the pups and you produce many more jems to share